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Legislators' contact info

For those of you who'd like to contact your state Representatives and Senators directly, we've collected links to help you confirm who your local legislators are and how to contact them. We've also reprinted some committee membership information; the House and Senate Appropriations committees will be tackling any spending questions directly, with new taxes and any reconsideration of school funding being taken up by other committees as appropriate. House of Representatives To confirm who your representative is, you can enter your zip code and search on this page: http://house.michigan.gov/find_a_rep.asp Members of the House Appropriations committee (spending bills): George Cushingberry Jr. (D), Committee Chair, 8th District Matthew Gillard (D), Majority Vice-Chair, 106th District Joan Bauer (D), 68th District Doug Bennett (D), 92nd District Pam Byrnes (D), 52nd District Marsha Cheeks (D), 6th District John Espinoza (D), 83rd District Lee Gonzales (D), 49th District Richard E. Hammel (D), 48th District Morris Hood III (D), 11th District Shanelle Jackson (D), 9th District Michael A. Lahti (D), 110th District Richard LeBlanc (D), 18th District Gary McDowell (D), 107th District Michael Sak (D), 76th District Alma Smith (D), 54th District Dudley Spade (D), 57th District Aldo Vagnozzi (D), 37th District Daniel Acciavatti (R), Minority Vice-Chair, 32nd District Bruce Caswell (R), 58th District Rick Shaffer (R), 59th District Jack Brandenburg (R), 24th District Fran Amos (R), 43rd District Darwin Booher (R), 102nd District Bill Caul (R), 99th District Goeff Hansen (R), 100th District John M. Proos (R), 79th District David Agema (R), 74th District Chuck Moss (R), 40th District Mike Nofs (R), 62nd District Members of the House Appropriations subcommittee on School Aid & Education: Reps. Gillard (Chair), Vagnozzi (Majority Vice Chair), Cheeks, Spade, Caswell (Minority Vice Chair), Moss Members of the House Tax Policy committee: Steve Bieda (D), Committee Chair, 25th District Paul Condino (D), Majority Vice-Chair, 35th District Barbara Farrah (D), 13th District Robert B. Jones (D), 60th District Jeff Mayes (D), 96th District Andy Meisner (D), 27th District Tim Melton (D), 29th District Joel Sheltrown (D), 103rd District Rebekah Warren (D), 53rd District Coleman A. Young II (D), 4th District Kim Meltzer (R), Minority Vice-Chair, 33rd District Fulton Sheen (R), 88th District Glenn Steil Jr. (R), 72nd District John Pastor (R), 19th District Brian Palmer (R), 36th District Lorence Wenke (R), 63rd District Brian N. Calley (R), 87th District Senate To check who your state senator is, you can enter your address information on this search page: http://senate.michigan.gov/FindYourSenator/michiganfys.asp To contact Senators by postal mail, use this address: Senator Name Post Office Box 30036 Lansing, MI 48909-7536 Appropriations committee members: APPROPRIATIONS: Senators Jelinek (C), Pappageorge (VC), Hardiman, Kahn, Cropsey, Gilbert, George, Jansen, Brown, McManus, Stamas, Switalski (MVC), Anderson, Barcia, Brater, Cherry, Clark-Coleman, and Scott Appropriations subcommittee members: K-12, SCHOOL AID, EDUCATION: Senators Jelinek (C), Brown (VC), Garcia, Switalski (MVC), Clark-Coleman Finance committee members: FINANCE: Senators Cassis (C), Gilbert (VC), McManus, Jansen, Prusi (MVC), Jacobs, and Whitmer
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