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State Budget action alert

Everyone who values public education in Michigan needs to speak out NOW

Join MIPFS in this Important Moment to Protect Our Schools

Let your lawmakers know how YOU feel about their plans for public schools!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Education,

This is an extraordinary moment for public education in the state of Michigan. The full impact of the Great Recession, and of years of trying to ignore funding problems in education, are hitting our communities all at once. Dramatic changes are proposed, because "dire times require drastic measures." Over $1 billion would be cut from education under the Governor's proposed budget, most of that from K-12 education. These cuts would dramatically affect our schools, and limit the education we can offer to our children for years to come.

Do the changes make sense? Do they reflect the real needs and values of the people of Michigan? We're not so sure.

You haven't heard from Michigan Parents for Schools in a while, but we have been busy behind the scenes. Most importantly, we've been "eating our own cooking" by building alliances to support public education at the local and regional level. All of us have learned a lot, and we hope to share what we've learned with interested citizens across Michigan.

But right now, the most pressing action is in Lansing. And while the problem is at the state capitol, the solution rests in communities all around the state.

None of us can go it alone. Only by joining together can we ensure that our State continues to invest in education - to invest in the future of our children and our communities.

Tell our political leaders that huge cuts to education do not reflect our values and will not move our State forward!

The problems are huge, and the answers are not easy. But the proposals currently on offer in Lansing - that rely on slashing funds for education and increasing the burden on the most vulnerable members of society, including children - will not get us where we need to go.

We need to remind our fellow citizens of our common commitment to invest in the future of our children and our communities. Excellent public schools are a centerpiece of that commitment. Those of us who value our public schools - parents, educators, citizens - need to lead that critical effort.

You will be hearing more from us soon, as we work to build alliances across the state. In the meantime, make sure to let your state lawmakers know how you feel!

Please join us as we reach out to people all around Michigan who share our commitment to education and our vision of a better future for everyone in our state.

With thanks,

Steven Norton
Executive Director
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